Enjoy Your Smile For A Lifetime With Comprehensive Dentistry in Carol Stream

Woman holding her jaw in pain considering Comprehensive Dentistry in Carol Stream
Are you a wait and see kind of person? Or do you like to be proactive, heading off any potential problems? When it comes to dentistry, it seems that the majority of us are the former. We usually don’t deal with a dental issue until it has become a real problem, one we can’t ignore any longer!

There are many reasons why this approach to dentistry can hurt you. Let’s look at some reasons why the proactive approach to dentistry with comprehensive dentistry is really the best one.

Why Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive dentistry takes a step back and looks at the whole dental picture. If you are experiencing pain, we want to know what the root cause of that pain really is, only then can we treat it effectively and prevent any re-occurrence.

Preventative dentistry looks at three areas to provide total care:

  • Aesthetics – do you need cosmetic enhancements to your smile?
  • Mechanics – do your teeth and jaws align and function properly?
  • Health – how is your oral health impacting your overall body health?

To keep your smile healthy, beautiful and functioning properly takes a comprehensive approach to your dental care. It is also the most cost-effective approach. It is easier to maintain a car than have to deal with costly repair bills because of neglect. It’s the same with our dental care. Either preventing or taking care of issues when they are small problems, keeps them from becoming big, costly problems.

Even more important, poor oral care that leads to infection and disease can significantly impact your whole-body health. Studies have linked the bacteria that comes from gum disease with other very serious health threats such as diabetes, heart disease, oral cancer.

Dental hygienist using tools to prevent gum disease.


What Does a Comprehensive Dentist Do?

A comprehensive dentist is actually a jack-of-all-trades. He must be an expert at restorative dentistry for procedures such as crowns, bridges, braces, implants and also have the aesthetic eye needed for cosmetic dentistry enhancements like bonding, whitening, and veneers.

Comprehensive dentists like Carol Stream dentists like Drs. Riccolo and Swade build from the foundation up with an eye to the future. They want you to enjoy a healthy smile and body for a lifetime.

Download our free infographic and learn more about how comprehensive dentistry can help prevent dental problems before they arise or fix permanently those that do.

Comprehensive dentistry infographic.


Download your free infographic about Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense to see how comprehensive dentistry:

Can save you time and money
Prevents recurring dental problems
– Guarantees a spectacular smile for a lifetime

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Are You Looking For a Comprehensive Dentist in Carol Stream?

The benefits of comprehensive dentistry can’t be emphasized enough.

  • Preserving your teeth for a lifetime of use.
  • Preventing costly dental procedures through regular maintenance.
  • Promoting overall better health with excellent oral health.

We invite you to read our infographic and then give our office a call at (630) 653-0020 or contact us online for an appointment. We would be happy to help you get on the pathway to enjoying a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime.